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#2 Laboratorio de bio-fabricación

Oct, 2019

Somos Nu + Silvio Tinello


Somos Nu (Delfina Riverti y Santiago Passalacqua)+ Silvio Tinello


BAAG - Buenos Aires Arquitectura Grupal

In the second edition of Disponible, the Somos Nu studio and Silvio Tinello explored the design of agricultural and bioplastic materials.

For the installation, Silvio Tinello created a bank of bio-manufactured samples. Somos nu studio was in charge of developing the museological format and of building the appropriate furniture to display the biological process.

Somos Nu is an architectural firm formed by Delfina Riverti and Santiago Passalacqua. Their studio is built upon the idea that urban space is by definition habitable. Their works try to construct livable spaces in areas often considered unconventional.

Silvio Tinello is an industrial designer and specialist in sustainability. He investigates new bio-manufacturing processes for the creation of materials, as well as studying their different applications and utilities.