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Aráoz 967, Buenos Aires

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Gabriel Monteleone

Gastón Noriega


Magdalena Tagliabue

Disponible is an independent non-profit space that hosts and organizes exhibitions, lectures, and conferences to promote the research and dissemination of architecture and design.

Each new exhibition opens to the public as an exhibition space and continues as a permanent show window to the street during its period. Its program is complemented by extension activities and guided tours.

Disponible has counted on the participation of artists and architects. Located in the city of Buenos Aires, it mediates between disciplinary participation and anonymous citizens who walk through the street. Its direct link with the city proposes an open and democratic dialogue between cultural production and urban life.

Since 2019, Disponible has been led by BAAG (Buenos Aires Arquitectura Grupal) in a vacant space on the ground floor of a building designed by the studio. Due to its direct connection with the public space, it redefines the limits between the public and the private and encourages new appropriations of the collective.