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Aráoz 967, Buenos Aires

(+54 11) 49 66 00 00



Gabriel Monteleone

Gaston Noriega

Disponible is an independent non-profit space that organizes exhibitions, meetings and conferences to promote research and dissemination of architecture and design.

It begins in 2019 as an initiative of BAAG studio -Buenos Aires Arquitectura Grupal- in a vacant space in contact with the street, located at Aráoz 967 in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, in a residential building designed by the studio.

The space is inaugurated as an exhibition hall, continues as a showcase and is complemented with outreach activities. Each year, different exhibitions or projects produced by architects, designers, curators and academics who make available their processes, research and interests are inaugurated.

The proposal is a permanent exhibition space, a showcase to the street 24 hours a day, every day, which invites passersby to stop and establish a dialogue between architectural production and the general public, in order to generate an exchange that values architecture and design.