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#7 D (E) U D A S - An Atlas of Commoning

Oct, 2022

Alicia Agustín


Alicia Agustín

Institutional Support

Graham Fundation

The exhibition is presented by Alicia Agustín, in the context of the exhibition #AtlasOfCommoning: curated by ARCH+ and Stefan Gruber, sponsored by IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), which arrives at the MARQ from October to December, and as part of the ongoing activities of the #festiatlascomun.

In this presentation, the performative artist Alicia Agustín confronts the debt conception, facing the issue that prevents the act of commoning; the debt crisis and the morality imposed by the debt economy, which ultimately leads to individualization and the opposite of a solidarity-based support system.

The Gropius Chair (DAAD, FADU-UBA) is in charge of turning the discussion topics brought by the Atlas of Commoning to the difference and the contemporary complexity of the territory where the exhibition lands from situated thinking.

Alicia Agustín studied acting in Berlin and received trainig from Fae Simpson at the Michael Howard Studio in New York.
As a performer she has been featured, among others, in Tracey Rose’s installation “The world is not fair”, which was part of the Weltausstellung 2012, a production from HAU and Raumlabor Berlin. Her collaborations have included work with the Russian collective Chto Delat? in the framework of Former West at the HKW Berlin, and the International Summer Festival at Kampnagel, Hamburg.
Agustín co-created the Talking Straight Collective, which was founded with the „Talking Straight Festival” at the Maxim Gorki Theatre’s Studio Я at the beginning of 2014. Many pieces were created in collective authorship since then, mostly immersive simulations which claim the normative status quo to be a catastrophe.
The „Talking Straight Festival” was invited to the Theatertreffen festival’s Stückemarkt in 2015 and performed in the entire house of the Berliner Festspiele for eight hours. Their piece „What a Wonderful Void“ was invited to the Sziget festival in Budapest.

From April 2017 to July 2018, Talking Straight were artists in residence at Studio Я of the Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin and created the durational simulation “Talking Straight Center”.

In addition to her work in the Talking Straight Collective, she curated the performance programme for an exhibition entitled „Father Figures Are Hard To Find” at the nGbK in Berlin in 2016.
2018 she received the Work and Research Grant (Arbeits- und Recherche Stipendium) by the Berliner Senat for Culture and Europe, which enabled a research on the performativity of political disappointment comparing Catalonia, Cairo and Chemnitz.

The video work “ Die Sprache der Spekulation” (The language of speculation) was her first collaboration with the collective Guerilla Architects. This was shown within the exhibition “1989-2019: Politik des Raums im Neuen Berlin” at n.b.k. Berlin and curated by ARCH +.