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#6 La ciudad no está sobre la nada

Aug, 2022

Jardines Subterráneos


Jardines Subterráneos

Artistic collaboration, design and realization of installation

Guillermo Mirochnic

Artistic collaboration and conceptual support

Pío Torroja

Collaboration in totem construction


Geological consultancy

Marina Lema


Laboratorio 2. Limos
Laboratorio 3. Mierda
Laboratorio 4. Escombros

The city is not over nothing (LCNESLN) is an exhibition curated by Jardines Subterráneos that proposes the suspension of a concrete piece by means of a water counterweight. A portion of the material with which almost all of the swamp, Buenos Aires, is built is revealed and in the air.

LCNESLN exposes the piece to new observations and drifts. The mold of that which was underground is now above. Raising a well, a body that now weighs and counterweights. This useless piece makes, during its stay in
Disponible, an unthinkable journey to its final disposal -at the end of the
exhibition- as a coastal landfill along with its debris peers.

Jardines Subterráneos is integrated by Cecilia Blanco, Laura Kalauz, Marina Quesada and Elina Rodríguez, performing artists who work in the field of the expanded scene, carrying out projects that combine art, environment and politics.