Dec 05, 2023. Buenos Aires, hs

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Un desierto para la ciudad

Cooperativa Espacial

Jul, 2022

Design and Curatorship:

Cooperativa Espacial (Natalia García Dopazo, Pablo Lini, Pedro Magnasco, Isabella Moretti y Luciana Serrano)


Sofía Bensadon, Arena documenta, CENEx, Mauricio Corbalán, Max Gómez Canle, Martín Legon, Sofía López Mañan, Pablo Piovano, Juan Reos, RIES Estudio y Pío Torroja

The Ciclo de Prácticas Espaciales Críticas (PEC) is an exhibition curated by Cooperativa Espacial that approaches the different scales, media, and experiences that address critical spatial practices, which seek to create new engagements with urban processes and the politicization of space. These meetings are attended by individuals, groups, and organizations that research and practice strategies based on both artistic and analytical methods. They based their activities on the outcomes of mapping and analyzing. Public space and corporate cities are the results of the technocratic and neoliberal rhetoric.

Cooperativa Espacial is a group of people with different backgrounds who develop projects at the intersection of architecture, art, technology, and community organizing. It uses critical research, self-management, and design to operate in reality promoting diversity and social, spatial, and environmental justice.